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What issues need attention small concrete mixer while standing in the wet season production
        Now has come to the rainy season, which for OTC production machinery industry has brought no small trouble, for example, in a small concrete mixing station industry is the case, we know that the market is very much needed now is concrete substance, so many concrete projects mixing station manufacturers also continue to produce rain, Wuyi Jishun small concrete mixing plant manufacturers produce rain to remind customers, small concrete mixer to note some important issues standing in the rainy season when production, so not only is good for the customer's equipment, but also on the quality of production ensures a certain substance. 
        Small concrete mixing plant production need to be cautious during the rainy season, and that what work needs to be done? 
        First, is the first to the field of visual material sand, stone moisture content, which is determined using the line with the ratio. Then the first dry run before feeding the belt ten seconds, remove stagnant water on the belt. According to the task and then asked to confirm the opening single mix and water. Be sure to confirm before unloading the driver has been reversed tank tube drainage, especially in the rain before loading must make it drain, then to the tank barrel discharge. After the car hit the bell to confirm whether the station to prevent loading the wrong car in the 10s. After more than two points to ensure that your project is also a concrete mixer stand rainy normal production. 
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