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Select the preferred automatic batching machine batching machine
        In order to solve the low labor weighing efficiency, high error problem, automatic batching machine industry to obtain a high degree of acceptance and use of degrees. The so-called automatic batching machine is the raw material for feed additives and automatic dosing device pre-mixed feed. 
Automatic batching machine has the following characteristics: 
        1, the product structure more flexible and diverse portfolio, high precision weighing operations and has a high degree of automation features. 
        2, machine selection, said the way the whole electronic weighing, the use of high efficiency, accurate weighing. 
        3, the body uses a distributed layout structure, the material easy to feed. 
        4, the machine can be set according to the demand for concrete mix, and automate a variety of ingredients work materials. 
        5, the machine can be based on need and not the concrete mixer combined into different specifications of mixing station, easy to use simple and practical. 
        Batching machines, especially automatic batching machine is simple and easy to use though, but still required during operation with the corresponding technical requirements, in particular, to focus on what matters: First, when you run the batching machine, metering hopper should be empty bucket, if At this point the display is not zero, can be cleared by pressing the button, and use the manual mode of the empty hopper than expected. Secondly, if there is batching controller does not work properly during operation, you can try to turn power off and back on the machine the way. Again, after the first dosing boot process to automatically drop the amendment procedure, in accordance with the results of the next use of the sub-ingredients can be corrected. Finally, before turning to carefully check the wiring and components have loose thread loosening the situation does not appear to be promptly credited debris cleanup. So, to be able to make batching machine maximize effectiveness.


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