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        Adhere to four principles: Ji Shun always adhere to the "all for customers, creating  value  for  customers" service philosophy; adhere to the "customers beyond hope, beyond the  industry  standard" service  standards; adhere  to the "quality changes the world, service to create value" the slogan of service. Through standardization, differentiation, the value of service to customers to reduce their psychological cost and use cost, and ultimately improve the transition value, profitability and customer purchase ability, so as to enhance the competitiveness of Lianhua service brand leading the new trend of service industry.

        Service network: at present Jishun sold to many countries and regions worldwide, Chinese, Africa, America, are the main sales area. China has taken the lead in the industry to introduce a new platform, set a cement mixer supply customer service service, online messages, product display, professional training as a whole, play a strong marketing and service function in the area, so that customers can enjoy the quality of service guarantees in any place in the country.


   for you free of charge to provide professional consulting services, the development of a variety of options for you to choose, to recommend the most suitable products for your;

   According to your needs for your special design and production of non-standard products with special requirements;

•   For special projects, free for you to present professional technical advice, equipment and formulate detailed work programme for your reference;

Customer service:

•   free to provide professional and technical training, training of qualified personnel for you;

   For your free on-site installation and commissioning guidance;

•   At 24 hours provide quick door-to-door service for you: the receipt of your quality feedback information within 2 hours and give you a satisfactory solution,receiving a service request service stations in the city within 2 hours arrived at the scene, the fault service station  where the provinces within 12 hours, has not yet set up service   station 48 hours to  reach the provinces;

  Ji Shun products. According to standard procedures "service" regular home screening equipment operation, to guide the operator maintenance;

   If you are in the same site to bulk buy Tenda products, can provide permanent service for you.

   Provide equipment warranty service for you (content of warranty are specified in Appendix), equipment repair service life (only from artificial fee).

  You have what problem, call 0579-87712680, we will provide you with timely feedback and solve.

  Ji Shun club provides a warm and technological exchanges and activities for you.

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