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Small concrete mixer standing installation debugging problems that need attention
        Small concrete mixing plant shipped to the customer site, the next to enter the concrete mixing plant installation and commissioning of the core stage, how to effectively ensure the future installation of a small concrete mixing station failure rate and deal with small problems such factors, require the user and small manufacturers of concrete mixing station technician with the tacit understanding. 
Small concrete mixing plant commissioning process requires special attention to the following points: 
        Small concrete mixing station in the debug control system first emergency button reset, close the open electrical cabinet power off, followed close after turning on each branch circuit breakers, control circuit power switch, power switch control room to observe the electrical system no anomalies, if immediate inspection; open each motor button, commissioning of the motor rotation is correct, if not properly should be adjusted immediately; pump start concrete mixing station, the pressure to meet the requirements to be followed after the start of each gas control button labeled according to door, check the action is flexible; zeroing on the computer and transfer sensitivity; inspection of small concrete mixing station compressor switch is normal, the barometer display correctly, the safety valve pressure adjustment to the standard range; right mixer for commissioning, to see whether there is abnormal sound, whether the various components work properly; belt at the time of commissioning needs to be run to check the operation of each roller is flexible in operation, the belt should be carefully observed, there can swing, deviation, edging , slip, deformation, etc.; concrete batching machine when debugging must be more ingredients click the button to see if the flexibility and accuracy can be configured, and then debug the ingredients references. 
        In the professional and technical personnel more than a small part of the concrete mixing station commissioning is completed, a small concrete mixing station can work!


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