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The rise of small concrete mixer
        In recent years, with China's technology, the rapid development of economic construction, infrastructure construction, as well as the rapid development of the real estate industry continues to expand the scale scientific infrastructure, and vigorously promote the rapid increase in the production of concrete production, the status of the construction engineering construction machinery and equipment also continues to increase. Emergence of concrete production is to achieve an important architectural industrialization reform. Because the job of the cement for concrete, gravel wind Mixed material, when a large amount of jobs, working conditions are more severe. Therefore, in order to meet the needs of modern concrete construction machinery technology has been developed to a high-performance, high-tech, automated, intelligent and multi-species direction. Thus greatly improving the work efficiency, improved working conditions, small concrete mixers have emerged. 
        Small concrete mixer designed to meet the growing compact construction and laboratory work requirements. It implements the mixing and transporting the material in a closed environment. Stir while transport is better, but for less pollution of the environment, can play to improve the environmental conditions of the construction and construction sites to protect the physical and mental health of construction workers, construction workers and reduce construction strength, thereby improving work efficiency and achieve for the environment protection. 
        Nowadays, with the increasing demand of small concrete mixer, businesses are also active in the network marketing strategy, network marketing model to get preference for a larger customer base, this side is due to the variety of network resources, customers can bring greater selectivity, the other is due to network sales model to reduce input costs, commodity prices are more physical store to buy concessions, won the customer's favorite.


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