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Improve compulsory mixer key factors mainly include?
        Forced production of concrete mixer performance is mainly to ensure the absence of concrete structures forming the original defect, thus ensuring the durability of concrete. Good compulsory mixer performance is to make uniform concrete quality, high performance, and thus secure the premise. 
        Want to improve the productivity of compulsory mixer built off that which aspects? 
1, the number of grout 
    Number of, mobility. Too much, Ooze; too, collapses. 

2, Consistency slurry 
        The consistency of the slurry depends on the water cement ratio. Cement ratio is small, slurry thickening, mobility is small, cohesive, water retention is good. Too small to ensure the construction dense; too big, concrete mixing reduce the strength and durability. 

3, sand ratio 
        Some grout, sand ratio is too large, dry thick, small mobility; too small grout loss segregation. 

4, the nature of cement and aggregates 
        Cement fine, good liquidity. Pebble gravel concrete than the concrete fluidity. 
5, Temperature, time, admixtures 
        High temperature, long time, mobility is small. Mixed with additives, mobility.


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